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LAPD Murder Books Project

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Project Description

JSS is working closely with the LAPD and mathematicians and computer scientists at UCLA to solve unsolved homicides. Through grants from the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) and the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), a JSS and UCLA research team and homicide detectives are utilizing a unique database to solve crime.

An extensive homicide database created by the FBI and the LAPD called the Homicide Library System (HLS) includes extensive information from over 4,000 “Murder Books.” The database includes optically scanned homicide information that covers a 21-year period
(1990-2010). JSS will employ advanced statistical methods to determine characteristics of solved homicides and apply them to unsolved cases.

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Purpose of the Project


Clearing homicides is important to the mission of the police and societal wellbeing. Despite its importance, homicide clearances have been steadily declining over the years. Through the use of statistical methods, JSS will determine characteristics of solved homicides and apply them to unsolved cases to understand how we can increase the solvability of cases.

Homicide Investigations: Programs

Project Background

This powerpoint provides details about the project including background, our approach, and preliminary outcomes.

Homicide Investigations: Files
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