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Justice & Security Strategies is a recognized national leader in collaborating with law enforcement to improve police operations. We have extensive experience with several police initiatives including crime analysis and reporting, gun crime and gang crime interventions, precision and predictive policing, "pulling-levers" interventions, and early intervention systems. We also work with agencies in adopting technological solutions including body worn video and digital evidence management.

Technical Assistance and Training Program

The Bureau of Justice Assistance is partnering with Justice & Security Strategies, Inc. to provide training and technical assistance to its 2023 Body-Worn Camera (BWC) grantees. In September 2023, BJA awarded 41 grants to law enforcement agencies and 5 grants to state corrections agencies to implement BWC programs. In addition, six agencies were awarded funds to manage digital evidence and to enhance their BWC training efforts.

To assist these grantees and agencies across the country, JSS is working collaboratively with Michigan State University, Justice and Health Analytics, Mark 2.54, James Mueller and Associates, and a host of criminal justice experts.

We are available to serve your needs. Please contact us at or call our Help Line at 877-314-1222


Small, Rural, and Tribal  Program

Through a cooperative agreement with the Bureau of Justice Assistance, Justice & Security Strategies, Inc. is administering the Body Worn Camera (BWC) program for Small, Rural, and Tribal Law Enforcement agencies.

JSS has provided over $18.25 million to 683  law enforcement agencies since 2021. Click below to obtain more information about this program.

National Body-Worn Camera Program

Investigating and Solving Murders in Los Angeles

JSS works with the LAPD, UCLA, and UC Irvine to better understand homicides and how to solve them. Using advanced statistical methods, we analyzed over 4,111 homicide cases to determine characteristics of solved and unsolved homicides Over the next three years, more cases will be reviewed and analyzed through a grant with the National Institute of Justice (NIJ).

Guns and Crime (CGIC)

JSS has collaborated with police agencies in both designing and evaluating targeted crime strategies for violent crime, gang crime, and gun crime. Crime strategies are often successful when agencies leverage theoretically-sound, proven strategies to address persistent crime problems. JSS has provide both technical and research support for these efforts.

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