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Modern Neighborhood

Assessing Neighborhoods

We specialize in the use of ...

Analyzing Data

Leveraging Official Data

When assessing neighborhoods, there is a wealth of information available from public agencies. JSS has considerable experience in working with data from police departments, prosecutor's offices, coroner's offices, fire departments, 911 emergency call centers, courts, corrections, assessors offices, and other types of data. Our research often involves analyzing multiple years of data containing millions of records from a variety of sources. We also specialize in the use of GIS applications for the mapping and analysis of spatial data.


Neighborhood Focus Groups


Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

Resident Surveys

JSS is also proficient with the collection of face-to-face resident surveys within neighborhoods. Face-to-face surveys have considerably higher response rates than other methods of survey administration. To further improve response rates, we also recruit and train interviewers from the local community. 

We use geographically stratified sampling strategies to ensure that information is collected from residents across the entire neighborhood. Using sophisticated analysis strategies, we can pinpoint problem areas within a neighborhood for intervention.


Systematic Social Observations



CPTED Assessments

Sometimes when assessing neighborhoods, a formal assessment is required. Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) is a structured assessment strategy for detecting potential design features that may provide criminal opportunities. JSS researchers have used CPTED assessments ... FINISH

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