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Justice & Security Strategies, Inc. works with local agencies to promote public safety and positive quality of life in neighborhoods across the country. Our work has been supported by the National Institute of Justice, the Bureau of Justice Assistance, and the Children's Trust of Miami-Dade. Find out more about our work below or contact us to find out how JSS can work with your agency.

Resources for Law Enforcement

JSS has partnered with a number of police departments throughout the country to understand communities with the intention of improving quality of life, decreasing crime and maximizing collective efficacy. Watch this video to see the impact of JSS and the Metro Nashville Police Department's Community Engagement in their West precinct.

To learn more about how JSS can assist your neighborhood, click this button below.

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Key Principles of the JSS Approach


Focus on Neighborhoods

A neighborhood is a collection of residential properties sharing a common geography. But there is more to neighborhoods than just a collection of houses. Here at JSS, neighborhoods are also an important level of social interaction. Understanding neighborhood social functioning is key to improving the quality of life in these areas.

Build Collective Efficacy

Collective Efficacy refers to the ability of neighborhood residents to come together and exercise informal social control to achieve shared goals. Neighborhoods with high collective efficacy are able to come together to address crime and disorder and foster a better quality of life for residents.


Restore Anchor Points

Anchor points are the neighborhood facilities and resources that serve as a central focus for community interaction and information sharing. One of the cornerstones of our approach involves assessing and improving anchor points to facilitate the development of collective efficacy.

Microtarget Interventions

Neighborhoods are not homogenous and certain areas within neighborhoods experience more problems than other areas. In our approach, we use cutting-edge research to identify problematic areas and targeted interventions to improve safety and quality of life within those areas.


Current and Previous Initiatives


Miami-Dade County

JSS has been working with agencies in Miami-Dade County to build collective efficacy since 2009. Recently JSS has partnered with Project P.E.A.C.E. to assist with revitalizing the communities of Brownsville and Goulds.

Los Angeles

JSS continues to partner with local agencies improving the quality of life for residents in Los Angeles. JSS has worked in the communities of Pacoima and ...

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JSS provided training and technical assistance to the Nashville Police Department...


JSS is currently working with the Jacksonville Mayor's Office as part of the Community Based Crime Reduction strategy. The CBCR team is working on improving collective efficacy in the Durkeeville, Grand Park, New Town, and LaVilla neighborhoods.

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Training and Technical Assistance

JSS provides training and technical assistance in collective efficacy for interested agencies and organizations. Some of the agencies we've worked with include Bedford, VA; Harris County, TX; Brooklyn Park, MN; ...

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